I felt absent-minded while painting the floor tiles of the pathway subconsciously. The non-stopped drizzles drove me back to the lounge of the booking office, where was a litter busier than the day before. The drizzle also urged the “Ban Nam Tuse” group to dismiss earlier than usual, while other park regulars kept, popping in and out the lounge, doing their exerciser at a distance very close to me. Perhaps their curiosity of trying to find out my doing overwhelmed the consideration that their flicking gestures were disturbing. Being side tracked by the nosy passes-by, I neglected observing the perspectives and scales of the floor tiles, which was supposed to be made relevant to those peripherals images of the adjacent pictures on either side. Daylight approached quietly, the breeze began to sway the palm leaves gently and the birds sang loudly among the bamboo groves, while I was painting a neat pattern of floor tile on the picture.


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