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The drizzle began to fall when I was heading for the park on the slippery floor. I wondered if I should paint at the viewing platform that the rain might fall hard. Seeing a few silhouettes of park regulars wandering about without rainproof dressing, I went to the platform straight away without further consideration. On the platform I saw the meditating group in their silhouettes and further to the Tai Chi Square I heard the sound of folding fans wafted across the field. I covered the wet stair with a sheet of plastic before I settle to measure quickly the view of the segment. The mega sized lamppost formed an angle in 90-degree to the rails at the front, guiding me accurately judging the scale of the simple images. The breezy drizzles blew to flap and wet my paper that I needed to hold my umbrella open until the picture is done. And the scene subconsciously reminded me about the similar situation while I was painting the aluminum plates at the Straight Path.


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