The festival of the season lasted for the 4th day that the park regulars were still busy. I climbed up to the dark, lonely viewing platform. It was so dark that images did not reveal inside the photos but flat silhouettes. From this morning onwards, I started to paint the 4th strip, which lies at the bottom of the panoramic view. The first segment of the panorama included images of the stairs, bottom of the arch columns and some plants at the rear end of the platform. Measuring from this angle, the elevation of distortion was horizontal. And therefore the perspective projected, a few yards away from me, have created a large and wide scale diminishing significantly towards the far end. Since handling geometric form is my reluctance that I painted the tiles on the stairs individually to avoid tones to become messy. After a while, I heard the birds, sang loudly pervading the quiet and misty park, reminding me that it was time to go home.


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