It was windy and cold on the first day of the Chinese New Year. Instead of visiting the park, most of the old buddies stayed at home preparing for the occasion of the season. I climbed up to the lonely viewing platform to join the silhouettes of the plants swaying in the howling wind. The wind blew my paper to flip and flap restlessly while I was measuring the perspective and distortion. The view of the segment to paint this morning was no fewer complexes than that of yesterday though the column on the right hand side has taken half of the page. On the other half of the page, I need to paint the metal structure of the inside roof and the scenery at the far end of the platform. The horizontal rails overlapping each other confused the sight of view. At last a permutation of the rails was roughly painted after a subconscious struggle. To finalize the picture, I splash some greens for the plants at the rear.


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