Dawn broke early that I did not see the cobalt blue sky. Surrounded by the flimsy fogs, I hurried to the viewing platform to draft the view, which might also be complicated. I sat down at the bottom of the column where I covered the layer of filmy water with a plastic sheet. The view of the segment included mainly the metal beams laid under the roof. I felt hesitant upon the weft and wrap assemblage of the metal beams at first. And then, I found the extension of the perpendicular beams, ran from above my head to the rear end of the roof, gave me a guideline to decode the complex structure. To reduce confusion, I used different color pencil to sketch the draft. As a result I was surprised that the beams were drawn properly in terms of perspectives and distortion. I filled color in the linear structure on the color pencil draft careful enough to avoid a mess. When I looked at the scene again realizing that I have learnt more to enhance my nature of being an artist.


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