Walking along the gloomy viewing platform, I saw silhouettes of the meditating group stood at the top step motionlessly, while the birds whistled loudly accompanying me towards the end of the stairs. I sat down measuring the perspectives of the rooftop, which segment of the images was getting further away from me. Besides working on the distortion, the composition of the view was simple. Realizing that the view for tomorrow would be the most complex scene among the panorama. I took out a piece of fresh paper to pre-sketch the view, while I was waiting for the wet paint of the roof to get dry. Daylight arrived gradually as well as the park regulars. Also the Broadcasting instruction of the “Ban Nam Tuse” group was loud enough to compete with the whistles of the birds. A sudden speeding roar from the highway reminded me returning to the picture of the rooftop after the pre-sketch was roughly drafted.


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