It was neither too dark nor cold when I sat by the end of the viewing platform. Where I saw lights shining from some flats of the mega towers. Perhaps they were the park regulars getting ready visiting the park. I took out the previous adjacent pictures trying to meld the peripherals image with that of the metal tube located at the rooftop above my head. The metal tubes there were measured with a large distorted scale. I believed the exaggerated distortion of the tubes might be created by the closer visual curvature compared to that of the mega towers. In order to reduce the frequency of lifting my head up, which might give me an ache on my neck, I painted the simple pattern with memory more than observation. Yet without enough observation, the green monochrome gave me trouble sorting them out. I kept putting paints atop to verify the tones until the paper was too wet to absorb any more paints. Which was not an appropriate mean to treat watercolour.


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