I was glad to see the cobalt blue sky again when I entered the park. On the viewing platform, I saw lights shone from some of the flats of the mega tower, and the sharp folding of the fans from the dancing group. A couple of oldies practicing exercises near the handrail of the platform, while the regular groups did not turn up. I settled at the top step inspecting the view for the segment, which including the upper part of the mega tower and part of the canopy roof. As I was measuring with the paintbrush, I found that the inward curvature of the view was varied by the angle of the brush I held. The straighter the brush I held the further the images appeared. In order to equalize the distance of the view being projected from the center of a circle, I bent the tip of brush inward to include more area of the roof. In such a way, the enlarged scale of the roof turned out to emphasize concave for the entire panoramic view.


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