High up on the viewing platform, I saw the bushes, by the perimeter fence of the soccer field, being blown to sway form side to side. The fan dancing group, at the Tai Chi Square behind it, moving the colourful fans in the air following the rhythm of the swaying trees. I was not proceed much by leaning against a column on the platform, while the chilly wind kept blowing my paper to flip from time to time, Geometric forms could sometimes be wired to handle, especially those metal tubes, laying straight and across under the rooftop, installed right above my head. In order to catch the perspective and distortion of the linear structure, I needed to lift my head up at almost 45 degree. Since I paid all my attention to sort out the flow of the images, which peripherals might flow to the adjacent segment of the panoramic view, that I did not realize it was almost time to leave until the bell of the tennis court rang.


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