The noisy birds were expecting me to arrive at the empty viewing platform. I was scared by the long tail black mouse rushing down the stairs and disappeared round the corner at the bottom of the platform. A sudden roar attracted me to look up the sky, where an aeroplane was flying high. With a flask of light shone from the right wing, it has flown so fast to become as tiny as an ant clawing on the ground. Soon it disappeared inside the grey thick clouds. Floating upon the blue sky, the clouds began to disperse and reforming the shapes. But I did bother to make any changes on the picture. Further on the right near the mega tower, the clouds in pinkish red indicating a sunny day to arrive. I dimly heard the broadcast of the “Ban Nam Tuse” dancing group from the Buzzy Square, when the birds’ whistle diminished while the roar from the highway overwhelmed the park. I left for home after the simple picture was done.


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