I saw the sky in  cobalt blue  at the entrance of the park. But the intense blue reduced when I looked at it again at the viewing platform. The platform was cold, dark and empty. I sat at the top step adjusting the memory function of the camera while waiting for dawn to break. The breeze blew together with a cluster of mutterings mingling from a distance, where people exercising, birds whistling and vehicles roaring. I took snapshots of the view to be painted, which involved mainly the outer edge of the roof. The linear structure under the roof looked complicated at the angle I viewed upon. Where metals tubes stacking one below the other. So before the paper became too messy with sketchy lines, I laid down green hues to identify the various layer of the metal tubes. When daylight turned bright, the tones of the sky became paler from blue, which affected the hues of the metal tubes to become darker in tones.


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