Yesterday was the “Spring Begin” in the Chinese solar terms. But the temperature of this morning dropped down to 12oC. I sat at the top of the viewing platform alone with no sight of any moving creatures around. It was then too dark to see details of images except the silhouettes of trees and the shadows casted by the street lamps. The view to paint this morning was the edge of the rooftop located right above my head. I thought it was simple, but the paper was full of sketchy lines when the sketch was drafted. The large sized tubes reminded me about the timbers roof of the pavilion. But the roof at the viewing platform was much higher than that of pavilion. With the wide-angle lens in the camera, the perspective appeared on the photos distorted more than what I saw with my eyes. Though the tone of the sky remained purplish grey, I painted bright hues to make contrast with the roof.


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