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The temperature has dropped together with the wind. I saw the same silhouettes standing on the viewing platforms while walking past them. When I reached the end of the top step, I was amazed to see a clean oval plant bed, in the middle of the pathway, having the messy hedges removed. I felt lucky that I had the previous scene drawn on the day before. I scanned across the pathway to the soccer field on the right measuring for the portion of the panoramic view to be painted. Though it has taken me time to fix the scale of the perimeter fence at the corner of the field, the grid provides guideline to allocate the objects at the surroundings. I almost forgot to take photos for the gradual phenomenal change when I felt dawn braking subconsciously. I chose to paint the pasture first leaving white lines for the fence. And to do the plants last to avoid over painting for details when daylight was intensified.


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