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The nice weather drew more morning regulars to the park crowing the place. The noisy birds whistled aloud around the viewing platform that almost overwhelmed the roars from the highway. The view to paint for this morning involved simply the sky and small portions of the treetops. So I laid down a thin layer of watery purplish blue on the paper pending for the sky to turn blue when day light gradually arrive. While waiting for the paint to dry, I saw a guy climbing slowly down the steps from the top of the platform beside me. When he reached the ground, I saw him removing his pants exposing his buttocks towards the sky. He then put his pants on and climbed up the steps again. I reported the scene to the guard when she went past me. She complained that the guy has metal problems behaving weirdly around the park. I suggested to her that sick people should be noted and to provide with necessary care rather than being disputed.


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