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At the entrance of the park I meet park regulars departing. Though it was too dark to imprint any images with the camera, I took snapshots for phenomenal records. Near the corner of the mega blocks, I saw pinkish sky below some thick clouds, yet the sun did not rise eventually. It was nice and calm to stay at the top of the viewing platform, but I started to feel worry seeing the complex structure of the entangling branches on the treetops. So, instead of using tones in close family, I decide to use reddish and bluish greens to distinguish the layers of the plants among the grove. Then, I was happy to see the transparence came through as I laid darker tones atop the thin wash below. Under the phenomenal light source the sense of space could hardly be achieved by tones or hues of color. To make it work I varied the scales of the objects at the front and rear of the scene. I agreed with what David Hockney said that: “ Trees are difficult”.


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