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High up on the viewing platform the wind was howling again. The cold temperature revealed the phenomena of the Chinese solar terms “Great Cold” today. Ignoring the cold weather, the park regulars strode in the chilly wind on the path below and practice exerciser on the top step of the platform. I hid behind the column at the end of the step wishing to finish the picture before I was being chilled to stiff. Instead of laying patches of color, I drew tiny marks for the needle pines of the paper skin tree with my trembling hand. I suddenly heard an old buddy yelled to greet me from the pathway below. Her voice brought me back to conscious that I began to hear the birds sang above. I heard the roars of vehicles on the highway became frequent as the broadcasted music of the “Ban Nam Tuse “ group diminishes. To complete quickly and highlight the picture, I put down a few patches of purplish blue atop of the grey clouds.


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