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I saw a cobalt blue sky above the gate of the park, where I met the members of the Hot Topic group leaving. After a few snapshots, I climbed up to the viewing platform seeing some patches of flimsy clouds flowing upon the pale sky by the side of the mega towers. Knowing that they were the meditating group, I peeped from the corner of my eyes their silhouettes moving about in between the arched columns. I settled quietly by the end of the top step. For time saving, I chose to paint the top parts of the tress rather than continuing with the same level of the panoramic view on the right. But the complexity of the trees was under estimated. The difficulties of the scene were combined by the structures of tress in various types. The extensive branches stuck outwards entangling each other, as well as the hues kept changing according to the growing daylight. Yet the painting was not looking too messy when comparing to the photography.


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