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The howling wind drove the morning regulars away from the viewing platform. An old buddy said to me that it was cold and windy as she was climbing down the steps beside me. I tried to send her away by agreeing with what she said. The chilly wind began to blow hard flapping my scarf and drawing paper up and down. Though my body was shivering yet my hand was still able to draw as desired. I quickly sketched the grove of the paper skin trees along the pathway, where a few silhouettes of people hurrying in the dark. Under the glow of the street lamp, I saw clearly the images inside the shallow grove and structure it with a sheer of pale color wash. But the problem of changing tones arrived as the daylight grew fast. So I tried to create a contrast by adding bright hues on the rear objects behind the groves. In order to balance the overall tones of the picture, I kept adding on intense hues until the objects at the front were smoothed over.


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