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The chilly wind of yesterday has been dropped that it was nice and cool on the empty viewing platform. I did not see silhouettes of plants any more because the platform was lighted up by the strong glow of the street lamp from the highway. I heard vivid whistles of the birds from the metal rooftop above without seeing them. The noise was so loud that it almost overwhelmed the sounds of the “Ban Nam Tuse” at the Buzzy Square and the flute from the Tai Chi Square. I felt no interest to paint the dully tinted sky, so I turned my back seeing a king palm accompanied by pinecones blow it. Since the low humidity enabled me to see more details of the plants that I exaggerated the scale of the palm leaves. Without considering about the atmospheric tones of the season, I painted happily the leaves both in reddish and bluish greens. As the hue of the sky gradually intensified, I added little intense blue on the background as highlight.


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