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The arrival of the cold current did not put off the will of the park regulars participating the habitual activities. The chilly wind began to blow swaying the canopies of the plant to howl together. I sat on the bench feeling the chill slipping inside my tightly wrapped body that kept me awake. As the park attendants set off for their assignments, the “Ban Nam Tuse” began to broadcast and the tennis players yelled nosily in the freezing air. I started to paint the grey purplish sky above the Buzzy Square. But as I turned an angle, I saw a slight blue tint sky above the tennis court. Since the sky, above the square, was the major element of the panoramic view that it is important to keep the atmospheric tone of the season. To resolve the situation, I added a slight blue tint wash to highlight the monochrome atmosphere, which also forecast the gradual sunny day.


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