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The rain stopped while I was on the way to the park. Pools of water gathered on the steps of the viewing platform stopping the park regulars to stay there for exercises. I reached the lounge of the booking office, seeing no tennis players but an old buddy sat on the bench next to the one I used to sit. He stretched his body in meditation. I settled quietly measuring the view above the empty Buzzy Square while the rain began to fall like cats and dogs. The heavy rain, chilly wind and slippery floors put off the interest of the morning regulars visiting the park. Without the nosy “Bam Nam Tuse” music, and the gestural momentum of the dancing group, the Buzzy Square lost its lively scene. The day began to turn bright in the gloom. In order to reduce the sense of misery, I exaggerated the size of the tunnel rooftop at the rear and highlighted it with brilliant blue on the picture.


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