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Though it was not too windy, I saw shadows of trees swaying on the floors under the glow of the street lamps. I wrapped my face with a big woolen scarf to protect myself against the chilly weather. On the top step of the viewing platform and the Tai Chi Square I saw silhouettes of park regulars moving about in the dark. After a few snapshots, I went through the lonely Buzzy Square to the lounge finding the bench I used to sit was still available. As experienced before, the wash of the paints on the picture looked pale when the day began to turn bright. So I added intense hues trying to reduce flatten out sensation, which might also look relevant to the atmospheric scene. But the tones of the bamboo groves became darker as the source of light became strong form behind. To avoid the picture being over painted, I did not bother to make further changes and left the problem of this phenomenal vision for tomorrow.


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