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The chilly wind hit me when I was turning round the corner of the building. A few silhouettes of people strode in the cold dark under the glow of the street lamps. I hurried to the park settling at the lounge of the silent booking office. As I expected that the pots of red Christmas flowers would be removed before they wither. But it did not bother me because I have them depicted. I found my pot of color pencil was not in my bag when I prepared to draft the middle portion the bamboo groves. I suspected that I have it left behind yesterday but I had no intention to care. While I was sketching the draft smoothly, a few birds suddenly flopped screwing together in front of the shrub. I thought they were mating! After a closer look, I discovered that they were fighting for their food between their beaks violently. I felt lucky to won my pot of hot tea in the chilly cold weather, as well as when the nice park attendant came to return my lost color pencils.


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