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The regular tennis player returned to the courts nosily in the less cold weather. I guess the “ Ban Nam Tuse “ dancing group was complained about their loud broadcast music which volume was controlled. Together with the grumbles of the park attendants, unpleasant mutters were pervading the area of the lounge. I chose to paint the pots of red Christmas flower before they might wither soon. The scale of the pot plant became big, at the close distance, which occupying most space of the paper. I felt difficult to distinguish the tones of the objects when they appeared too close to my eyesight. So instead of adding greys, I used blue and red hues to achieve warm and cool tones. But the plants were already over painted. Unlike oil or acrylic paints, the transparence of water-colour is hard to maintain. To finish the picture with, I painted the floor tile hesitating about its scale, below my feet and, which receded quickly to the rear.


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