The alarm clock did not ring to wake me up. The sky began to brighten the precinct while the glows from the canopy diminishing. The gate was opened wide and a couple of people chatted loudly by the end of the jogging track. I saw grey thick clouds hanging low upon the clear, pale blue sky. The pathway was not too dark and a few people were wandering in mute. I reached my painting site at the cluster of canopy finding the bench, but not others, was soaking wet, so I overlay it and prepare to work. Daylight brightened the park that I saw the fat guy jogged approaching on the track in heavy footsteps. An oldie accompanied by her foreign maid exercising at one of dry benches next to me while her maid concentrated on her mobile. I painted the track and the pathway extended from the last segment, and the scale was big in front of my feet, which curved slightly upward stretching towards the tennis courts. Though the structure of the segment was simple but the yellowish and purple blue tiles cheered the atmosphere. I sensed a few drops of drizzle flitting in the air and the passers-by on the pathway hurried for shelter. It was not too soon clouds condensed into shower and fell without further warning for other people to rush. I held my umbrella to complete the last strokes and packed in the rain.