Last night, along the podium downstairs, the neighbors live at the lower flats of the block having family parties to celebrate the “Mid-autumn Festival”. The cheering noises kept waking me from my dream a several times while the parties last. Then sometimes after midnight an instant shower fell to wake me and dismiss the parties simultaneously. Sluggishly I heard the iPhone rang at quarter to five. I got up to take the gastro resistance tablet in the dark and return to bed. Then the iPhone chimed a lyrical melody at quarter past five, reluctantly, I get up at half past and prepare breakfast after the morning exercise. Daylight turned bright fast without revealing the blue moment at dawn. I finished my cup of tea and dashed to the rooftop to paint. At the rooftop, the cool autumn breeze blew to refresh the air. Besides a couple of sampan parking by the side of the haulage boat I saw no other activities on the quiet seawater, not even the patrol boat return to report for duty to the Marine Police Quarter.  However, I felt happy to see a clear frontal scene as the clouds shaded the sun. I continued to depict the view stretching on the left hand side, where at the turn of the rooftop edges, the glass balustrade meets the bar balustrade at the neighbor rooftop. The vertical and horizontal bars of the balustrades and the edges of rooftop fabricated a kind of geometric structure and somehow the featured windows on the wall of the Marine Police Quarter seems to play a significant part to the composition of the picture. Nevertheless the perspectives and distortion of the complex scene took me the whole morning to estimate. And as the sun shifts its solar position westward I saw an orange trial cast on the surface of the seawater in between the couple of pines. Meanwhile the heat of the sunrays became unbearable that I have to make a pause to the painting.





The iPhone rang at quarter to five waking me up to take the gastro resistance tablet. Returning to bed the iPhone chimed the melody to wake me, but I did not get up until it rang again at half past. The sky was so gloomy that I thought it was still early, and therefore I leisurely do the morning exerciser and prepare breakfast in the kitchen. Daylight turned bright fast at six 0’clock, so I immediately grabbed a piece of paper and dash to the rooftop to paint. At the rooftop, I saw the marine active began to resume leaving some bubbles trials in pairs on the surface of the seawater in different directions, while the huge haulage boat remained station at the same spot since a few days ago. I heard the birds chirp all over the places virtualizing the town as I set up the easel to paint.  Meanwhile I tried to capture the atmospheric color before the sun might rises to the sky. Notwithstanding the whatsapps on the iPhone kept tingling disturbing my concentration to depict the view, and worse of all, the unhappy events occurred in Santander floated in my brain and subsequently the panic I felt slowed down the working pace. Nevertheless daylight intensifies before I could settle down to work, so I quickly wrapped the picture up by splashing dark hues to present the shadows of the balustrade cast by the sun.




I woke up at midnight. Not caring about the time, I went to the kitchen to take the gastro resistance tablet and return to bed. At quarter past five, instead of hearing the iPhone chime, it rang the normal alarm to wake me up. Lazily I lingered on bed until the iPhone rings again at half past five.  After the morning exercise, I prepared my cup of tea, but the box of milk was almost empty. Daylight began to turn bright revealing a pale flimsy sky, so I took my camera to the rooftop to capture the morning scene at dawn break. At the rooftop, I felt a sense of peace when a gust of cool breeze met me in the serenity of the town. I sat down to rest on the stool near the door of the hut, and saw clusters of thick clouds pervading the sky and drizzles follow.  On the surface of the seawater a huge haulage boat remained in the middle of the sea, by the side of the Marine Police Station, since yesterday, and beside a couple of small speedboats pulling to and fro, almost all the tourist cruise were out of sight. I set up the easel starting to paint the view extended to the left hand side, while through the glass on the balustrade images were blocked by a lay of flimsy vapor. Meanwhile the sun began rising and birds chirped to cheer for a sunny day. Though the sunrays shone directly on to my face, it evaporated the vapor on the surface of the glass, and so I took the chance to lay down some washy paints until the heat becomes unbearable.




I woke up at quarter to four. I got up to take the gastro resistant tablet and return to bed. At quarter past five, the iPhone chimed melody waking me up. I got up to do the morning exercise and prepare my cup of tea. Simultaneously the sky turned bright radiates light tinting the sky sandy pinkish and pale blue. I dashed to the rooftop with my camera trying to capture the delightful moment at the beginning of the day. Expecting a sunny day to arrive, I put the laundry in the washing machine before setting up the easel to paint. However, the glass balustrade, instead of showing the bushes on the hill, the morning vapor clung to mask the surface while bright daylight reflected vague images upon. Unable to depict the scene that has been working since yesterday, I temporarily returned to the kitchen to steam a meat bun inside the steamer for breakfast. Meanwhile the sun emerged from behind the mountaintop like an orange egg yoke. Nevertheless, the vibrancy reflected on the sky did not last long and fad to turn the sky pale and flimsy. Soon it rose high up the sky, so I hung the laundry on the string to shade the blasting sunrays… It also cast shadows of the balustrade on the floor, and perhaps that was the last thing I could depict when the heat has become unbearable.




I woke up at 25 minutes past three in the morning. I got up to take the gastro resistance table and returned to bed. Not very long, I heard the melody chimed from the iPhone. It was quarter past five. I lingered on bed until half past and get up to do the morning exercisers. By the time I prepared my cup of tea, daylight turns bright, so I carried with me the camera to the rooftop. I supposed to have missed the blue moment while the sky was pale grey and lights from the windows of the Marine Police Quarter were diminishing. I returned to the kitchen to bring my cup of tea and garb a piece of fresh paper to the rooftop. I shifted my sitting position and set up the easel to depict the view on the left hand side of the last one. Through the glass balustrade, I saw the bushes on the hills. Many of the trees were crocked and branches bent hanging from the main truck, and some of them lie horizontally on the topless tress. Through the loose foliage hanging on the stark branches I saw the scene behind, which were shaded by the abundance foliage before the typhoon.  Meanwhile the sun rose above the mountain appears like an egg yoke, its soft rays tinted the sky orange pink and cast an orange trail glittering on the surface of the seawater, where marine activities remained absent. The sun rose high up fading the vibrancy of the sky and clouds began to disperse, but the orange trails on the surface of the seawater began to blink. To continue working when the sun cast hot rays, I hung the thick bathrobe on the laundry string to shade the sun shone directly onto my face. However, the heat began to bunt me …




I woke up before the iPhone rang at five o’clock. After taking the gastro resistance tablet, I set the iPhone to ring at half past five instead of six o’clock, because I wanted to capture the blue moment at the turn of the season. As daylight gradually turning bright, I saw fogs suspending to pervade the quiet town. I climbed to the rooftop with the camera to take snapshots while the blue moment did not seem to show up after dawn. At the turn of “autumn”, I felt the air stuffy and warm at the rooftop and the heat of the sunrays began to dry up the wet floor as well as the debris left behind by Mangkhuk. Birds returned to chirp around the places, they picked up food on the side of the hills where broken branches scattered. I left my cup of tea by the side of the painting materials and set the easel up to continue with the sketch started yesterday. Meanwhile the sun rose to cast hot sunrays, I felt the heat and sweat run from my forehead down to my face…Knowing that the situation has become unfavorable to work any longer, I quickly splashed paints on the paper and unexpectedly achieve an expressive result.




The iPhone woke me at 5:00 o’clock in the morning. I dizzily got out of bed to take the gastro resistance tablet in the dark. Soon I heard the iPhone rang again at 6:00 while daylight has turned bright. I jumped out of bed without doing neither the morning exerciser nor preparing breakfast in the kitchen because I saw a band of sandy rainbow clouds floating above the mountaintops. I dashed to the rooftop with my camera, and a gust of fresh air meet me as I opened the glass door of the hut, which has been shut for almost two days since the departure of “Mangkhuk”. Stepping across the messy floor, I accessed the balustrade to check its stability and look around the messy town that was nevertheless so mournful. On the surface of the seawater the marine activities was completely retarded, reflecting the tremendous damages that “ Mangkhuk” has caused to Hong Kong ever since, which subsequent harmful results gradually exposing all over the places. The weather dramatically calmed down after the phenomenal catastrophe of nature, the environmental vitality died down except the local people and workers sent from the hygiene department worked so hard trying to put the normal daily life back to order. I set up the easel to paint the view stretching from the last segment where the floor gathered with foliage flew from the nasty neighbor’s rooftop. Meanwhile the sun rose up to the sky casting warm sunrays, perhaps it was trying to compensate the disasters that nature has brought to the city a couple of days ago.