I woke up in the morning before dawn. While waiting for the iPhone to ring, I saw dark tone in deep valet shading the sky. It was so dark that it hid the stars that I used to see. As I was admiring the sheer of splendid valet at the sky, the iPhone ring the 3rd time at six o’clock that gave me no more excuse to linger on bed. I checked the weather condition indicate on the screen of the TV and prepared to work at the rooftop. I took my camera and the drawing stuff to the rooftop scarcely hoping that the neighbor would not appear to annoy me. I peeped down the road from the balustrade seeing a couple of green vans parked at the mini bus station loading the long queue of passengers who were hurrying to work and to school. A frozen truck parked by the side of the yellow roof market beeping noisily to warm the pedestrians to look out for the traffic. In order not to run behind the hard working folks, I returned to my painting station to work without delay. I continued with the low strip of the panoramic picture, while the view return to extend on the right side of the glass door. I enjoyed depicting the view with contrasting scales and fewer perspective points to measure. Meanwhile a few birds chirped to announce their arrival … and the motor on the sampan joined in the tune irritably.





Wind raise at midnight swaying the branches of the trees breezily. Without hearing the iPhone rang, I got out of bed in the dark to check the time, which was already gone pass six. Dawn broke fast tinting the sky pale grey, and daylight turned bright before I finish the pain release exerciser. Since the paper used for this panoramic series was so thin that they become wobbly curve because the quality was not fit to absorb watery paints. I considered using Sanderson Waterford for another series, but the paper was not ready. So I hasty decided to extend the panoramic view to the low strip by using the same quality paper. However when I discovered neither the perspective nor the distortion got right, I felt regret to start the lower strip … At the mean while the birds chirped from afar urging me to solve the problem rather than hesitating upon it.




It was dark as usual when I get out of bed after the 3rd alarm. Through the window of my bedroom, I saw a few strips of red flimsy clouds floating across the gloomy sky and disappear as dawn began to break. Though the temperature has risen I felt chilly at the rooftop when I climbed up there to paint. At the rooftop, I felt a peace of mind because the neighbor had a late night and I suspected them would be absent at the rooftop early in the morning. After sorting the segments, I decided to continue painting the picture did yesterday. However the sun did not show up to cast shadows, and the sky remains miserably dull. In order to avoid confusions that the significant tons have been changing, I tried to focus on the area, which has less influence by the various degree of sunrays cast during the pass couple of mornings. I finally chose to work on the underside of the metal canopy and part of the baggy, which popped down at the edge of the hut. Nevertheless the hues in  monochrome reflected upon the various material qualities of the Lyon baggy and metal canopy turned out to be another problem to tackle …




I woke lying on bed waiting for the iPhone to ring and dawn to break respectively. Through the window of my bedroom I saw beams of light gradually glow. While waiting for daylight to turn bright, I sorted out the panoramic segments until glows of light in red gradient radiating from behind the mountain range at sea. The air was fresh and cool and the sun rose to tint the clouds yellowish while diminishing the shade of red light. After taking snapshots of the gorgeous phenomenal scene, I continued to add paints on the washy sketch started yesterday. The sun rose high and the rays cast shadows intensifying the tonal contrast between the inside of the hut and underside of the canopy. Meanwhile I heard noise from the neighbor rooftop… the nasty woman arrived.




I woke up in the dark. The fogs shaded those stars I saw through the window yesterday. The temperature rose a few degrees and the wind drop to calm down the mood of the urban estate. A stream of light in red gradient radiating above the mountain tops alighting the moods of the day and so seems to forecast a bright day to follow. I felt comfortable to work without the neighbor visiting her rooftop. Relaxingly, I continued to shift the position of my body towards the left-hand side, and the view enters the inside of the hut. One of the handles of a baggy hung down at edge of the top highlighting the pure geometric structure of the page. Instead of taking a serious measurement, I leisurely took an approximate scale and adjust the perspective a several times. The tones of the view from inside out were intensifying as the sun rose to cast shadows upon. At the meanwhile, the simple composition has taken me almost the morning to draft that gave an excuse to leave the rest for the next morning to complete.





I woke up in the dark. While waiting on bed for the iPhone to ring, I saw a few stars in vary sizes shinning brightly upon the gloomy sky. Below it the sheer of darkness extended onto the sea and beyond the buildings on shore. And the glows of lights from the street lamps and the windows of the buildings echoed in the darkness. The cold air overwhelmed the sounds of the people’s mutter and the roars of the vehicles quieting down the moods of the urban estate. At the rooftop, the wind dropped and the temperature was not as cold as expected. So I fastened the glass door of the hut on the railing of the balustrade to set up the view that has been depicting yesterday. As the elements painted mainly including the metal frame of the glass door, the beam and top of the canopy that the tones of the picture become almost monochrome. Then I waited for the sun to rise to reveal the pale blue sky above the flimsy layer of fog. When I almost finished the picture, the woman of the neighbor arrived at her rooftop. She hung her laundry and weeding her plants … to avoid her gossip encounter, I roughly finished the painting and pack.




The iPhone woke me at 6:00 in the morning. Lazily lying on bed and through the window I saw a few stars twinkling upon the deep blue sky, and a few strips of thin clouds floating softly across like cotton wool and dawn began to break. Gale wind howled violently swaying the branches of trees and the laundry hanging at the balconies of the estate block apartments from side to side. The gale continued to blow hard against the glass door of the hut when I tried to push it open. At the rooftop I felt the air was not as cold as that forecast by the observatory, and beams of red light radiating from behind the mountain foretelling a bright day to follow. Not realizing that I sat facing the direction of the wind and had chosen to paint the view on the left hand side. The subsequent howling wind flipped the drawing paper to flap that I need to hold it down with my left hand when sketching the view. The unfavorable situation continued to turn bad, and I felt scare to hear ferocious slapping and banging noisily around me. Then I quickly splashed washy paints on the paper and pack to leave.