The iPhone rang waking me up for gastro resistance tablet at half past four in the morning. I felt fewer pains on my back and be able to get up with less effort. I gradually found out the cause of the spinal pains, which might be the curved shape of the pillow hurting my neck. Since the pains seemed to have reduced that I tried to sleep with pillow free. Though it was still a struggle to sit on the edge of the bed, the effect seemed obvious when my spine allows me to stretch more while limping steadily to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Caring not about missing the blue moment at dawn, I took my time to relax and ate my breakfast in the kitchen. And therefore by the time I reached the rooftop daylight began to turn bright.  The sky was bright but gloomy and wind dropped. On Saturday morning I heard less beeping noise wafted from the mini bus down the road while no bird chirping inside the bushes at all. However when I saw a few strips of red clouds tinted upon the gloomy sky, I hesitated if I should carry on depicting the view started yesterday, which was almost facing to the nasty neighbor directly. Since time was getting late when I heard muttering of the local people striding to work at the podium behind my block, I gave up the idea to choose another view. I cautiously set up the easel to paint and simultaneously alerting the arrival of the nosy family. In despite of the harassed feeling, I patiently captured a wide range of atmospheric greens from the hill. Meanwhile the sun seems to play hid and seek amongst the grey clouds and breeze blew to harmonize the dehydrated weather. Though I stepped one leg on the stool to lessen the spinal pains while I was standing up in front of the easel to paint, yet I must not over stress the body strength, and decided to leave the rest to do for the next morning.





The pains on my spine persisted throughout the night. It was so painful that I could not be able to get up for medicine when the iPhone rang at half past four. Sleeplessly I heard the iPhone chimes. I did not get up but switch it off under my pillow. Soon it rang urging me to get up. And therefore I sluggishly stretched my legs under the heavy duvet. Then the painful struggle began when I try to sit probably on the edge of my bed. Meanwhile I felt annoyed not be able to find my nightgown. Then I grabbed a thick jacket in the dark and limp to the kitchen to prepare my cup of tea. Though the temperature has risen a couple of degrees, my body shivered as the pains on my back let me down. Instead of eating breakfast in the sitting room I stayed in the kitchen motionlessly trying to sit properly so as to release the pains on my back. Sitting in proper position did help me to release the pain temporarily. Therefore I climbed to the rooftop to take snapshots as dawn began to break. At the rooftop, wind has dropped while daylight gradually turning bright. I immediately set the easel up to paint when I heard neither the birds chipping amongst the nearby bushes nor the mini buses beeping down the road. Knowing that the nosy family would not access their rooftop in bed weather condition, I began a new segment depicting the view including the rusty remains of their shabby canopy. Since I needed to pay more attention to measure the perspective on the complex structures of the rustic framework, I was happy to find the painless spine supported me to stand on my feet until I successfully captured the scene. Meanwhile the sky remained gloomily dull when the sun did not emerge, and it was the iPhone rings to inform me the time. Though I felt settled to work, but I did not want to stress the spine too much, then I casually laid down some washy paints and pack.




At four o’clock in the morning the iPhone rang. I got up to take the gastro resistance tablet while it was freezing cold in my flat. I returned to bed in the dark. As the iPhone chimed at quarter past, I did the stretching exercise under the duvet. But the duvet was too heavy for me to stretch my legs. I anxiously gave up the exercise and get out of bed when the iPhone rang again at quarter to six. I limped to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. To keep myself warm I turned on the steamer and the kettle to steam meat buns and boil hot water respectively. Since I got up late that the sky begin to turn bright while I was having breakfast in the kitchen.  Without checking the temperature on TV, I guessed that was the coldest morning since winter began. Therefore before climbing up to the rooftop to paint, I wrapped myself up like a Chinese dumpling. My body has become so bulky that I could hardly move my footstep when climbing up the staircase to the rooftop. At the rooftop, though wind has dropped but the air was chilly cold. I set up the easel to paint the view on the left hand side of last segment. The view also included mostly mountain rage at sea. Nevertheless the wind has blown to give me headache. Watching the layers of mountain at the frontal view, I felt unable to focus on the atmospheric perspective. In order not to messy the sketch, I decided to make a pause and retreat to my flat down below from the chilly wind.




It was very cold when I woke up at half past three in the morning. Instead of waiting for the iPhone to ring at half past four, I got up to take the gastro resistance tablet. I vaguely heard the iPhone chimed at quarter past five, yet it was too cold to move around under the duvet. In order not to miss the Tai Chi class, I immediately did the stretching exercise on bed, prepare the breakfast in the kitchen and stuff the laundry inside the washing machine at the rooftop. After the load of jobs, I took a rest to eat my breakfast in the sitting room so that I can watch the weather repot on TV as well. By the time I set my foot to the rooftop, daylight has turned bright to fade the pale grey blue moment. At the rooftop, wind began to howl so violently that I have to clip the paper down on the easel. Since I thought the sun might emerge as forecasted that I continued to add hue tones on one of the unfinished sketches, which has depicted mostly the mountain range at the frontal view. Though the sun did not emerge by the end of the day, I felt happy to watch the features of the mountains clearly without strong reflective light shining upon. Meanwhile wind continued to blow and the daily activities both on the seawater and down the road become busy. In despite of my desire to paint longer before making a break, the cold wind chilled my hand to tremble…




The temperature continued to drop this morning. Though the pains on my spine also continued to hurt me, I reluctantly got up to take the gastro resistance tablet when the iPhone rang to wake me at half past four. I almost felt impossible to release the pains when I tried to stretch my body under the duvet. Anyway the iPhone rang again urging me to get out of bed. Ignoring the paints on my back I get out of bed to make my cup of tea in the kitchen. I took my breakfast to the sitting room to eat and watch the weather report on TV, which indicated similar temperatures situation as that of yesterday’s. But I felt excited to see stripes of red clouds floating across the mountaintops. Then I took my camera to the rooftop to capture the blue moment before it might fade too soon. At the rooftop, cold wind began to blow, while birds chirped to welcome me. Mini buses also beeped to urge the passengers to hurry in the chilly wind down the road. The water level at sea dropped exposing the sandy beach at the bottom of the mountains, while the low tide remains calm having fewer activities on the surface of the seawater. As daylight intensified to reveal the greens on the foliage of the trees so distinctively that I changed my mind to continue with the sketch of yesterday. Though I was not as yet certain about the color layering on the abundance of the foliage on the trees, as I painted along, I observed the atmospheric effects of them between the types of plants. However it seemed too late to alter the tones painted on the paper, simultaneously the paper has become too wet to absorb any more paints…




I felt cool under the blanket when the iPhone rang to wake me for gastro resistance tablet at half past four in the morning. Soon after returning to bed, the iPhone chimed at quarter past five. The temperature seemed to drop continuously this morning. To release the pains on my back, though it was cold inside the bedroom, I removed the blanket on me and stretch my body on bed. But the pains on my spine had not improved after the exercise. Hardly stood up with my feet, I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and ate them there rather than the sitting room. The paints on my back prevented me to move efficiently while I almost missed the instant blue moment of the morning. Disregarding the pains on my back, I tried to hurry, but my weary feet did not allowed. At the rooftop, daylight turning bright to disperse the clouds floating upon the gloomy sky while flocks of birds chirped noisily overwhelming the motor roaring generated from the police patrol boat. Knowing that time was getting short, I held the paintbrush in my freezing hand with no idea what to depict. Meanwhile I heard the mini bus beeps down the road, informing me that it was time to attend the Tai Chi class…




The iPhone rang at half past four in the morning, I did not get up to take the gastro resistance tablet but drowsily fall asleep until it chimed at quarter past five. Though I wished to catch up with time to do the morning painting earlier as dawn defers, yet the pains on my spine detained me on bed until half past five. I stretched my spine on bed trying to release the pains and then I heard a loud clicking noise and the spine became less distressful. I sat on the edge of the bed to make sure that my legs were strong enough to support my boy when I access the kitchen for my cup of tea. Meanwhile the sky was still very dark, I ate my breakfast in the sitting room and watch the weather report on TV. The temperature was not as bad as the forecasted situation yet. Anyway I felt needing a woolen jumper to keep me warm while working in the open air at the rooftop. With no time to wait I climbed to the rooftop to take snapshots so that I might not miss the instant blue moment. At the rooftop it was dark, cold and windy, therefore I retreated to the hut after taking a few snapshots.  In order to keep an eye for the gradual daylight to turn bright, I sat at the top of the staircase to drop annotation. Meanwhile, though the lines kept on pouring, I could only write a few because daylight has turned bright enough for me to draw. This morning I continued to draw the sketch started yesterday morning.  To begin with I depicted the remains of the trees, standing at the podium behind my block building, after being damaged by typhoon “ Mughkuk” in September. Courageously, the remaining branches have grown strong and disperse scattering revealing the gracefulness of the trees trucks, which were covered by the abundance of foliage. Nevertheless to depict the elegance of tress branch is mastery in Chines ink painting. Therefore no matter how hard I try to interrupt, the taste was not right.