When the iPhone rang to wake me at six, dawn began to break raveling a dull sky in slate blue. I reluctantly got out of bed to do the morning exerciser. I felt happy that my cup of tea and toast were listed on the low residue diet. Then after breakfast I climbed to the rooftop to paint. At the rooftop, the urban estate was quiet under the gloomy sky on Sunday morning. The garbage truck did not come to dump the rubbish at the chute, while the birds chirped softly inside the bushes. Since the nasty neighbor did not leave garbage at my door last night that I timidly decided to work on one of the sketchy segments, which view was facing their rooftop. Below the under side of the metal canopy a pair of colorful Japanese wind chime hung on the laundry string. It flitted gently in the cool breeze lightening the misery atmosphere of the foggy morning and therefore, to highlight the picture with, I focused on painting the wind chime and the spot light. Meanwhile when I almost finished painting the picture, I heard the alarm of an ambulance approaching from afar. The vehicle got lost at the crossroad and return to find its way at the back my block building. So I wrapped my picture quickly and curiously dashed to the kitchen to find out the cause of the incident.



The iPhone woke me after dawn. The slate blue sky began to turn bright over the sluggish town. Since I have booked an appointment to do the colonoscopy, starting from today, I need to keep a low residue diet. So after my cup of tea and toast, which were allowed to eat within the diet list, I climbed to the rooftop to paint. Since the nasty neighbor kept leaving the bag of garbage at my door to annoying me that increase my sense of worry. However, I need to finish the sketches started sometimes ago. Meanwhile the birds flew around the town and chirp and the dump track operating roaring to wake the misery town up.




The iPhone woke me as usual. The morning was gloomy at dawn. I got up to do the morning exerciser and have my cup of tea. At the rooftop I saw fogs suspending to cloud the seascape and eventually pervaded the town. The nasty neighbor kept on annoying me by leaning a bag of garbage to my bag at the door, while the irritating felt sense persisted all night. Therefore I continued to paint the under side rooftop on the left instead of facing the nosy neighbor. I applied paints absent-mindedly thought I try to watch the object rather than memory….




It was dark when the iPhone wakes me at 5:00 am to take the gastro resistance tablet. Dawn broke when the iPhone rings again at 6:00. I vaguely heard the cuckoo scream and some birds chirped cheerfully overwhelming her sad voice. After the morning exerciser, I made my cup of tea finding no more milk left. I felt comfortable after the cup of black tea and began to work at the rooftop. At the rooftop, the surrounding was quiet and less cold but fogs clouded the sky creating a sense of misery to the town. Since the nasty neighbor left a large bag of garbage at my door last night to annoy me, therefore, instead of painting the view facing them I swapped to paint the under side canopy on the my left side. Daylight turned bright without the sun rises, while muttering noises of people, roaring of vehicles and marina vessel wafted respectively to pronounce a new day’s work has already begun.




Sleeplessly, I got out of bed to work on the computer after taking the gastro resistance tablet at five o’clock in the morning. At six o’clock I tried to call the clinic for an appointment without success. Then I did the morning exerciser and had breakfast. The gloomy sky turned bright when I got ready to paint at the rooftop, where the floor beyond the canopy was wet while rain keep falling silently. I believe the nosy and nasty neighbor would not arrive at their rooftop in bad weather. After seeing their flirting lingerie the neighbor hung at an area to make sure I saw them yesterday, I felt edgy to paint the view facing to their direction. Though flocks of birds chirped all around trying to cheer up the atmosphere, disappointingly that flimsy layers fog floated in pervading the sky to maintain a gloomy morning.




In order to meet up the early assignment again, I got up at 5:30 after taking the gastro resistance tablet half an hour earlier. Dawn broke when I did the morning exerciser. After breakfast, I climbed to the rooftop to paint, where I saw a band of vibrant light radiating from behind the mountaintops. At the same time morning dews clung to screen the glasses of the balustrade opaque that almost shaded the seascape. So I tried to wipe the vapor with a piece of cloth, but the glasses soon become blur again. To carry on with the sketch I started to paint the sky while the sun rising to tint it vibrant. Flocks of birds chirped to celebrate another sunny day in the mist of the stinky air wafted from the garbage chute. Meanwhile the iPhone rang urging me to leave for the assignment.




The iPhone woke me at five in the morning to take the gastro resistance tablet. Lying on bed I saw a yellowish crescent moon hanging contrastingly bright against the dark sky. At six o’clock the iPhone range again to wake me, while the crescent moon become white and the sky pale blue. I got out of bed to do the morning exerciser and have breakfast while the sun rises to cast hot rays to bring the temperature up. Arriving at the rooftop, the sun has risen high up the sky fading the hue of the clouds surrounding it. The cuckoo did not cry but the flocks of bird chirped cheerfully all around in the calm and warm environment. I felt lighthearted to find the nosy woman next door absent, and therefore attempted to finish a segment that was left with a lot of details to depict. Meanwhile under the bright sunlight the beeping of the mini van and the stinky smells wafted from the bus station and the garbage chute respectively. However the sunray has become too hot for me to withstand and I felt the heat and sweat on my face.